IMPORTANT:As of 9/29/2011, MuClipse is no longer under active development. You will have to do your best with the resources provided by this website.


MuClipse is an Eclipse Plugin which provides a bridge between the existing MuJava mutation engine and the Eclipse IDE. For more information, see about.

MuClipse v1.3 released!

The newest version of MuClipse is available from the update site. This latest release works with Eclipse v3.3 and Eclipse v3.4 (Ganymede). Several other bugs which were bothering users have been fixed, including issues executing test cases. Please read the Project Setup page very carefully before download.

An Important Note

IMPORTANT: Many issues which were encountered in earlier versions of MuClipse have been resolved, however one major one remains: MuClipse does NOT work with Java v1.5 code features. If you have code which is Java v1.4.2-compliant (an easy thing to check) you can still use MuClipse. Otherwise, please refrain from downloading.

IMPORTANT: We are not authorized to release the code for MuJava (the mutation engine which MuClipse was based upon). We were lended the code from Dr. Jeff Offutt, who authored the MuJava tool and will not allow us release the source code. Please petition Dr. Offutt with any requests for the MuJava source code. If you are looking to modify MuJava's extension into the Eclipse environment, however, you have come to the right place!


A REQUEST: If you are using MuClipse in a scholarly publication, please do not cite the MuClipse website, but rather reference one of the publications below.


Using MuClipse

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