Generating Mutants

To generate mutants you will use the "MuClipse: Mutants" runtime configuration. Follow these steps to open and prepare your configuration:

To mutate a class, you will have to start by configuring the Directories tab.

Figure 2: Directories (click to enlarge)

After you have correctly pointed all the folder fields to the correct locations, select a class (or many) to mutate by clicking on the browse button next to that field. You will see a figure like the following:

Figure 3: Select a Class (click to enlarge)

Begin typing the name of the class you would like to mutate and it should appear in the "Matching Items" list beneath. Here, we have chosen the "Recipe" class. After clicking OK, click the Operators tab.

Figure 4: Mutation Operators

Select the mutation operators you would like to use. We recommend using all of them, although the execution time for the running test cases phase increases exponentially for each mutation operator you use. The MuJava homepage has produced documentation on both the class-level and method-level operators.

MuClipse will now create the mutants you have specified. Some operators will not produce any mutants. If they do not, try different operators. The console will show "Mutants have been created!" when the process is complete. If you would like to see your mutants without any test case information, proceed to the section "Viewing Results" below.

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Using MuClipse

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