Viewing Mutation Results

To view your mutants, go to Window -> Show View -> Other as shown in the figure below.

Figure 1: Opening the Results View (click to enlarge)

Open the Mutants and Results view under the MuClipse category. The Mutants and Results view will appear as shown in the Figure below.

Figure 2: Viewing Results (click to enlarge)

The Mutants and Results view will be empty. If you click on the yellow arrow pointing to the right, the view will refresh to display the results from the last test execution. Each root node in the view of the tree that will appear is a class, underneath which are the Class-Level and Method-Level mutant nodes. The Method-Level mutants are seperated by method name. The node names correspond to the name of the mutation operator and this instance of its mutation. If you have run test results, the name will show "killed" or "alive" depending on its status. To see how a particular mutant compares to its original, double click one of the nodes. The comparison will look something like the figure below.

Figure 3: Mutant Comparison (click to enlarge)


Using MuClipse

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