Mutant Test Execution

To generate mutants you will use the "MuClipse: Tests" runtime configuration. Follow these steps to open and prepare your configuration:

To kill mutants, you will execute JUnit test cases on them by configuring the Directories tab of the MuClipse: Tests runtime configuration.

Figure 2: Directories (click to enlarge)

Figure 3: Selecting a Class (click to enlarge)

After you have configured MuClipse to execute your tests, you can configure some testing options in the Testing Options tab.

Figure 4: Testing Options

The testing options tab allows you to specify the following options:

When you have finished specifying your options, click "Run." The console window will display output indicating the test results. The last thing in the output window should be your mutation score and killed/live numbers. When execution is complete, the console will display these statistics and the string "Writing to file..."

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Using MuClipse

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